Pearl Phonics for Parents 

-Enabling excellent practice and learning in the home

Parents play a key role in their child's learning to read journey. Pearl Phonics for Parents enables parents quick and easy access to resources and guidance that will help their child learn to read and spell. 


Understanding how schools suport children to read and spell can be quite daunting. However, if you access Pearl Phonics for Parents, you will learn how this is done and the role you can play.


With clear guidance and resources, parents can also play an important role in supporting children to read and spell well. 

The Pearl Phonics author, Carl, knew he had to learn more about phonics when he started to support his own children with their reading. Even though he was a primary teacher at the time, the world of phonics was a mystery as he mainly taught older children. 

Ten years later, he is now a literacy advisor, early reading lead for a large trust, programme author and someone who trains others so they know more about how children learn to read and write. 

He created Pearl Phonics for Parents so he could pass on this knowledge and help more parents play a role in the learning to read and spell journey.

Learning to read and spell can be a challenge but Carl believes that it is one that can be achieved. With the right guidance and resources, parents can have a significant impact on their child's learning.  

Learn what phonics your child needs help with.

Learn more about phonics and how you can help your child.

Access over 130 activity sheets and a range of other resources!

Access all the guidance and resources you need for the low cost of £49.99. 

The image above and video below shows a small selection of resources that are available to print. By purchasing Pearl Phonics for Parents, you gain access to a wealth of materials and advice so that you have the key ingredients to help your child become a great reader and speller. Greater detail about Pearl Phonics can be found on the home page. A sample of the resources can also be accessed on the 'Learn more' tab.


If you have any questions, simply complete the form below and we will be in touch. If you would like to purchase Pearl Phonics for Parents, click the button below. Once payment has been received you will receive a link to the collection of resources. 


Please be aware that by purchasing Pearl Phonics for Parents, you agree to abide by the License Agreement. Please also be aware you will not have permission to share your access details with others or share the resources. Full usage details can be found within the License Agreement. 

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-Pearl Phonics for Parents can be used even if your child uses a different phonics programme in school.

-The resources can also be used to help children make a strong start in reception. 

-Importantly, the resources also allow children to come home and share what they have learnt in school.