A programme written with schools for schools

You will find the latest information about the Pearl Phonics programme here:

Pearl Phonics was developed in 2020 and successfully became a DfE validated programme in 2023. Years of testing has enabled it to become and efficient and effective approach.

Pearl Phonics offers schools a low-cost approach to systematic synthetic phonics. Through carefully constructed flashcards, 'Time to Read' & 'Time to Write' sheets, children excel in their learning. 

Practitioners will have access to training videos, training materials, display materials, bespoke interventions, assessment & tracking resources, teaching resources and a bank of children's activity sheets (Time to Read & Write sheets.)

Key Information

Do you already have your decodable reading books and want another option for your phonics lessons? Get in touch, as our programme author can advise you about your current books and how they can be used alongside Pearl Phonics. This will help limit the impact on your school budget and ensure money can be focused on keeping your book-stock refreshed. 


Has your current phonics programme not delivered the intended impact? Get in touch to discuss this further as our programme author will be able to offer advice and guidance about Pearl and how it is making a difference to children's learning.  


Are costs for your current phonics programme spiralling out of control? Our programme author is passionate about keeping costs low for schools. Pearl is only £450 per year plus your printing costs (Schools print the resources they need). Our programme author aslo has extensive knowledge of the English Hubs programme and how it can support schools with additonal funding for SSP resources. 


Do you want quick access to advice and guidance? Our programme author has various other roles, including important work as an established literacy advisor and early reading lead for a large Trust. He has gathered an extensive amount of knowledge and experience and loves to share this with schools. Visit www.theliteracyadvisor.co.uk to learn more about our programme author. 


Do you want to keep the 'main thing' the 'main thing?' Pearl Phonics does not have songs, characters, gimmicks or other distractions. Lessons focus on getting children reading and writing well. Through repetition and success, children love the lessons and embrace the 'reading challenge.'  


Do you need quick access to training materials? Your Pearl Phonics subscription contains access to all the training videos you need. An extensive handbook is also available for clarity along with prepared 'practise the practice' sessions. Additional face-to-face training can also be booked/purchased. 


In summary, Pearl Phonics offers schools the following:

1. A low-cost option at just £450 per year (Referral scheme in place)

2. A proven approach based on Letters and Sounds 2007 

3. Ready to go resources that schools can print (flashcards, display materials, assessment materials, interventions, lesson resources etc)

4. A phonics programme for Reception and Year 1

5. A paper-based programme that can also be used with pupils in KS2 and KS3

6. A programme matched to the high-quality Big Cat Letters and Sounds decodable reading books (and the 7+ ones for older pupils.)

7. Instant access to training video as these are included in the subscription. Face-to-face training can also be arranged

8. A rigorous approach to assessment and reading intervention. 


Get in touch for a demonstration so you can see the wealth of resources that accompany a Pearl Phonics subscription.